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Get to know us

We are a consulting boutique based in Frankfurt. Our specialization lies in the fields of sustainability, corporate communications, and reputation management. We feel proud to support companies in the evaluation and strategic adjustment of their sustainability activities so that they are able to achieve their green goals. We offer measurement and evaluation of corporate communication and thus help bring transformational changes. Lastly, with our comprehensive database for rankings and awards, we help our customers to unterstand how they can improve their reputation and positioning.


Steep Learning Curve

Senior management works directly with the team thus providing high-level insights and guidance


There are ample opportunities to work with different teams. The flexibility in our structure guarantees high experience opportunities.

Small Focussed Teams

Large challenges are rapidly broken down and solved. Ample responsibility on each team member

Work-Life Balance

We believe in the potential of our employees. With flexible working hours, we let them explore their potential.


We are stronger together. At RATE you will see teams from diverse backgrounds as we believe, each person is special.

Fun Environment

We are in the process of obtaining an office dog. Cool, isn't it? We are always open to fun suggestions.