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We leverage data to support you in making better decisions. We transform data into insights so that you can not only act but steer.

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How can you measure ethical behavior? A short ranking profile of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies”

10 Sep 2021

Re-evaluating ESG performance post-COVID in the biopharma industry

11 May 2021

How employee awards can accelerate change

30 Dec 2020

Our Team


Steffen Rufenach

Prior to founding R.A.T.E., Steffen spent seven years advising corporate clients on public affairs, corporate affairs, as well as reputation and rankings management at Hering Schuppener Consulting. Steffen has a Master of Business Administration.

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Anita Meyer-Eppler

Prior to joining R.A.T.E., Anita worked as a manager for EY advising international corporate clients on change management and CRM. Anita has a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Psychology. She is a certified systemig organizational counselor.

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