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Podcast episode 10: Taking down boundaries between in- and external communications

March 02, 21
Mark-Steffen Buchele and Steffen Rufenach are joined by Steph Bridgeman of Experienced Media Analysts. Steph works with PR agencies and organisations directly to provide guidance on best practice measurement. She has served on AMEC’s Young Leaders and Education groups and supports organisations of all sizes with their ambitions for measurement maturity.



Internal communication has become much more important. Nowadays there can be a direct conversation between the CEO and the person right at the bottom. That is a parallel to how external communications have changed through social media: brands being able to directly communicate with their audiences without the interference of a journalist.
The comments, the sentiment could be helpful to assess the discussion culture and the culture in the company and the result of internal communications too. Across both internal and external communications the metrics have become more numerous.
Steph Bridgeman states that there is a lot of similarity between measuring internal and external comms and that communicators should collaborate more.


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