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Performance management in internal communications

December 21, 20
Companies implement a wide range of measures in internal communications, but are they really successful? Especially in times of agile projects and frequent strategy changes, it's not smart to operate internal communications without any attempt to evaluate one's own work.

The process should start in your own team and then continue with the most important functional areas of the company. The later interest in measurement results increases immensely when the KPIs have been defined jointly and can also be used by all those involved in their daily work. 
The evaluation of effectiveness does not necessarily need extensive questionnaires. Here it is worthwhile to work with specialist departments such as HR and IT to consider exactly what behavior the campaign should encourage before the campaign starts. If employees should work more agile, what would that look like? Which systems should be used? How would everyday work change. Tracking the number of hits on your new IT system for agile project management and three to four sensibly considered questions about changing the mindset can provide important information for the evaluation. 
Anyone who is also looking for a meaningful comparison of their approach to performance management should try the M3 Maturity Mapper assessment tool introduced by the AMEC industry association. With the Maturity Mapper, AMEC has developed an instrument that communicators can use to assess the degree of maturity of their measurement and evaluation themselves. 200 companies and agencies have already participated, and after completing the questionnaire, there are specific tips on how the participating company could actually improve in reporting, planning and measuring impact (


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Steffen Rufenach
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