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The Global Ranking Champion

September 12, 19
Due to their popularity in classic and social media, rankings already play a major role in everyday communication in almost all companies, but are not always taken seriously by those responsible for communication because their reliability and legitimacy are questioned. But that's not what counts. Company rankings unfold their media effect, even if the method used is unscientific.



If a ranking appears in a medium with high circulation, it must be dealt with, even if the method used is unscientific. This approach is followed by F.A.Z.-Institut's and R.A.T.E.'s annually published "Global R.A.T.E. Index". It measures the performance of multinational companies in the 150 most visible rankings worldwide, the rankings that have the greatest impact in public spaces. It does not take into account whether a ranking is based on an objective, scientific method, but rather whether the ranking achieves a high reach in traditional and social media or not.
The results of the rankings identified in this way were analyzed and aggregated in order to create a meta ranking called “Global R.A.T.E. Index". It serves as an indicator of how multinational companies are performing in the world's most important reputation rankings.


Read the complete article from the magazine "Kommunikationsmanager" (german edition): Der Global-Ranking-Champion


Steffen Rufenach
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