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How can you measure ethical behavior? A short ranking profile of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies”

September 10, 21
As 2021 continues to redefine our outlooks and expectations, business leaders must attune themselves to the resulting developments for their enterprises, including the ever-increasing importance of ethical business practices. “The World’s Most Ethical Companies” is one resource that offers great insights into ethical business rankings, illustrating why business ethics are so important to monitor.

Unethical behavior and accusations of misconduct can severely impact the overall perception of a company, which in turn, can impact a multitude of factors, including financial performance, future talent pools, business partnerships, etc. To build a successful and conscientious business with a strong corporate reputation, companies must demonstrate ethical behavior. But how can ethical business practices be measured across companies and across industries? A deeper look at the “The World’s Most Ethical Companies” ranking will shine some light into the above question.
Ethisphere, the institute behind the ranking, was founded in 2006 on the premise that “good ethics is good business”. “The World’s Most Ethical Companies” ranking, or “recognition” as coined by Ethisphere, aims to “measure and showcase the superior achievements of companies that are committed to doing business with ethics and integrity”. The 2021 edition of “The World’s Most Ethical Companies” signified the 15th year anniversary of the prestigious recognition. For a modest fee, companies from all over the world were invited to participate in accordance with the Ethisphere`s application process. The methodology included a 3-step assessment and ultimately, 135 companies across 22 countries were recognized as one of “The World’s Most Ethical Companies”. For those interested in the 2022 application process: applications can already be submitted to Ethisphere with the deadline extending until November 10, 2021.

Read the complete article from the magazine "Kommunikationsmanager" (German edition):  Wie_man_ethisches_Verhalten_messen_kann.pdf


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