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Podcast episode 8: Best practices from Denmark

November 03, 20
Good solutions in communication measurement are as diverse and varied as the range of problems and organizations to which they have to fit. Today's episode is dedicated to communication controlling best practices - where to find them and how to learn from them.



This episode's guest Jesper Andersen is a communication expert from Denmark who always keeps a close eye on best practices in communication controlling. With his own company Quantum PR Measurement, Andersen has been organizing a Scandinavian measurement conference called Measurement Days since 2017 to present interesting cases of communication measurement and to enable easy access to the topic. In addition, Andersen has been working with AMEC, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, since 2014. This episode focuses on two practical examples: With its “Donate a Life” campaign, the Danish Heart Foundation wanted to encourage 30,000 people to sign up for first aid courses so that they can learn how to react when they witness heart problems. The campaign ended with more than 75,000 registrations over a period of half a year or a full year - a great success. The second case that Andersen presents to us concerns the Danish shipping company Maersk, one of Denmark's largest brands and a company that many Danes are proud of. In 2017, employee advocacy, i.e. using employees as company ambassadors, was a new communication trend. And Maersk tried to measure the impact, if any, of employee advocacy on the company.


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Steffen Rufenach
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