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Podcast episode 7: Fact-based Decisions with Measurement

September 08, 19
Measuring success in projects can prepare the ground for comprehensive, consistent communication management. Our guest is Joachim Zdzieblo, who turned a project around in the area of corporate social responsibility for the long-established Munich-based company WACKER – with an intuitively started, but ultimately comprehensive communication controlling.



Zdzieblo heads the Public Affairs & Business Service department at Wacker Chemie AG, where he coordinates, among other things, the company’s social commitment.
Every corporate communications project must pay off for the company and its goals.
Zdzieblo tells an example: When he started at WACKER, the company already had a School Experimenting Project: a trial kit with experiments for chemistry lessons, which was made available to teachers free of charge.

Zdzieblo wanted to know how the case was used and started very simply. He wrote to 2000 schools asking them to fill out an evaluation form. He returned 60 sheets. In view of this response rate of only 3%, it was clear that the suitcase was obviously not being used enough.


But this also resulted in numerous improvements, which led to a significantly greater use of the case.


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