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How employee awards can accelerate change

December 30, 20
Thank you very much for your great support! ”- For decades, offices have often been decorated with postcards on which colleagues express their solidarity with one another with small gestures such as thank you or praise. Using social media and in combination with an award, the old postcard becomes a powerful means of internal corporate communication that serves to further develop the corporate culture.

By being invited to participate in an award, employees are encouraged to think about how the company values ​​should be interpreted in their area of ​​activity and to identify role models for themselves. This enables them to deal more consciously with the values, especially if they themselves or a close colleague have been nominated for a certain behavior. In order to involve as many employees as possible, it is important to include elements in the award with which employees can show mutual appreciation - it doesn't just have to be about winning an award. Employees should already be involved in that they have received a thank you in the form of a nomination from a colleague. Nevertheless, the competitive element also plays an important role, because it creates incentives and also helps to make the nominations that have been supported by many employees visible, for example with a like, share or comment. In the best case scenario, it creates a viral effect.

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Anita Kluck
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