Rankings Management

Wer Neues wagt, gewinnt

September 10, 17

Innovation is a complex topic where companies strive to position themselves in the public eye. However, the focus tends to be on technology-oriented B2C companies such as Apple or BMW, leaving other industries and smaller companies overlooked. Awards can help change this by highlighting innovation in products, processes, communication, and value chain areas. Awards can also be targeted for specific industries, such as the "Health-i Award" in healthcare, which recognises outstanding ideas and innovations in the field. In Public Relations, innovation is critical in many awards, such as the PR Report Awards and the International German PR Prize, which reward new and unconventional approaches to communication, technology, and live events. The focus is on something familiar rather than on companies and agencies that have taken unique paths that were not expected or that have increased attention on a subject through events.

Read the complete article from the magazine "Kommunikationsmanager" (german edition): Wer Neues wagt, gewinnt.pdf